Metal Options


Rest assured your building will stay looking great! Your buildings comes with an exclusive 20 year Sherwin Williams paint warranty on our sheet metal colors when you order your building with us!

 swill  paints


Choose your roof color, trim color and siding color (if applicable).  

Wainscoting (two-tone siding) is available at no extra cost on horizontal siding installations. 
Additional cost for wainscoting siding for vertical siding installation. 

Want your roll up door with color?  Want colored screws to match siding?  No problem! 
Get a quote now with matching screws for a totally finished look!

Doors, Windows and Frame Outs

Roll Up Doors

Our garage roll up doors can be added to any building once that side/end has been closed.  Doors come with an exterior latch which can be locked securely. *Building side leg height MUST be at least 1' taller than door height. **Dimensions listed below as Width x Length


Heavy Duty Chain Hoist Roll Up Doors

Our chain hoist doors greatly reduce the effort to open and close your larger roll up door.  Doors come with an interior latch and lock. Please note these doors do not include automatic openers.  *Building side leg height MUST be at least 1' taller than door height. **Dimensions listed below as Width x Length


Entry Doors, Windows and Frame Outs


Entry Doors are available in two sizes.  Add a diamond window to your entry door for free!  Windows are available in two sizes and come with screens. Custom frame outs allow for specific sized openings to be framed out. This may be to create a walk thru or drive thru space or to simply open up a side by installing a header.  Add 45" Trim to any frame out, garage door opening or gabled end for a crisp and finished look!

 Additional Accessories


Add some extra light to your new space with some skylights!
Available in three sizes. Applicable on a vertical style roof only.



Headers are used to remove leg posts in order open up sides.
Headers are also used for side installations of garage doors. Available up to 20' in length.



Add Vents to your enclosed building.


Radiant Barrier Insulation

Add reflective radiant barrier insulation to your metal buildings roof, walls or both. Helps keep your building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter!


Foam Closure

Add foam closure to your metal building for an airtight seal.


Bottom Flashing

Add flashing to the bottom of your siding.