Roof & Building Styles

Never choose between "Certified" or "Non-Certified"
ALL of our Buildings are Engineer Certified!

Boxed Eave
All Vertical
Triple Wide


The Classical Style has distinctive rounded corners at the roof line.  All sheet metal runs in a standard horizontal direction.  Perfect for carports, RV covers, storage buildings and is very economical!


The Boxed Eave Roof has an "A-Frame" appearance with square corners at the roof line with special box trim for a sharp finished look.  All sheet metal runs in a standard horizontal direction.  Great for carports, garages, sheds and more!


Vertical Style is best for added strength as additional hat channels and square tubing are needed for framing.  This allows for all sheet metal to run vertical to the ground for great water/debris run off .  Perfect for heavy duty building - residential and commercial alike!


Residential offers both strength and economy.  This style has a vertical roof which provides strength and durability with horizontal siding for a more economical build.  


Triple wide is available in all roof styles.  Available in 26' to 30' wide and features a unique double truss steel framing with heavy duty square tube corner bracing. 


Warehouse framing features a unique web design double truss steel framing system.  Heavy duty square tubing brace all corners.  Available in buildings widths spanning 32' up to 60' and up to 100' in length.