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1. Delivery Time: (Deliveries are Monday-Friday weather permitting)
* Off Lot Sales = 5 to 10 business days
* Custom Shop Builds = may vary dependent on lead times

2. Delivery Scheduling:
You will receive a phone call 24 to 48 hours prior to delivery (unless special occurrence). If no answer, a message will be left, please return the call within 24 hrs. If no call back is received, you will have to be re-scheduled and it may be an additional 5 to 10 days, as we have many customers waiting and already scheduled.

3. Additional Mileage Charges:
Off Lot sales delivery is free up to 50 miles from dealership, deliveries over 50 miles will be charged extra by the mile. Custom Shop Build deliveries are free up to 150 miles from manufacturing facility, deliveries over 150 miles will be charged extra by the mile.

4. Property and Gates
Your property will need to be cleared of all debris, trees, tree limbs, overhead wires, fences and gates the driver is already on a tight schedule and he is not available to clean and clear the area. All gates MUST be two feet wider than building. If the driver arrives and property is not ready for delivery and setup, your building may be taken to the nearest lot. Delivery will need to be rescheduled and you may also be charged an attempted delivery charge.

5. Setup Time
Average time for setup ranges from 30 to 90 minutes. Setups and installation that go beyond 90 minutes will incur a charge of $100 per hour paid to the driver and/or installation team.

6. Complications or Secondary Deliveries
If the driver has to reschedule due to any of the above criteria or complications, it may require a secondary visit at a later time and date to be scheduled by the driver. based on their availability. All secondary visits and/or installs are not covered as part of the initial free delivery, so charges may apply.

7. Collecting Funds from Customer
- The remaining balance on full purchases are due to driver on delivery.
- Collect at least half of what is due if issues with the building (so customer would have paid a total of 75% at that point and repair person will collect the final 25%) must be noted on happy sheet and pictures of issues

8. Blocks and Anchoring
- Buildings are required to sit on concrete blocks or other prepared foundation to maintain craftmanship warranty. Smaller wooden blocks and shims will be provided to level your building (if needed). It is the customer’s responsibility to have the blocks purchased and available for driver at delivery. Use the Block Count chart to determine the recommended number of blocks, if the correct amount is not available at delivery, driver will not place building and delivery must be rescheduled. Buildings are not allowed to be installed or placed higher than 24” from skid to ground.
- Ground Anchors/Tie-Downs are not included in purchase of building. Customer must provide Ground Anchors/Tie-Downs or request at delivery scheduling to purchase directly from driver.

Block Guide

8-10 ft Wide     12-16 ft Wide  
12 ft length 4-6 blocks   12 ft length 6-8 blocks
16 ft length 6-8 blocks   16 ft length 12-16 blocks
20 ft length 6-8 blocks   20 ft length 12-16 blocks
24 ft length 8-10 blocks   24 ft length 18-22 blocks
28 ft length 8-10 blocks   28 ft length 18-22 blocks
      32 ft length 24-28 blocks
      36 ft length 24-28 blocks
      40 ft length 30-34 blocks
      44 ft length 30-34 blocks
      48 ft length 34-38 blocks
      52 ft length 34-38 blocks
      56 ft length 40-44 blocks
      60 ft length 40-44 blocks

*Due to hauling restrictions, 12’ and 16’ wide buildings are measured from eave to eave. Wall to wall will measure 11’ 2” on 12’ buildings and 15’ 2” on 16’ buildings. Does not apply to buildings delivered in Texas.

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